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The Legal Affairs Division was established in 1999. It is responsible for various legal affairs of the university. It has an Executive Director who is appointed by the president from among full-time associate professors and above.


Division Members


Executive Director of Legal Affairs Division - Professor Lee, Kai-Yuan

[On-campus extension] 2525



Visiting Professor and Executive Director of Legal Affairs Division

Certified Securities Investment Analyst

Commissioner of Legal Council, Ministry of Communication

Arbitrator of Chinese Arbitration Association

Facilitator, Taipei Shi-Lin District Prosecutors Office

Educational Background

LL.M., University of Washington


Securities Law, Negotiable Law, Insurance Law, Criminal Law & Banking Law


Specialist at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Section Chief, Senior Executive Officer, Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Finance

Member of the Trade Investigation Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs


[Special Program Clerk] Sarah Kuo

[On-campus extension] 2524









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