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Synchronous Online Teaching Platform Educational Training

Dear colleagues,
The Information and Network Division will conduct educational training on both campuses in regard to the synchronous online teaching platform. If you are interested, please register at Thank you.

TAIPEI: 9/28 (Wednesday), 14:00-15:30, B901. Contact person: Mandy Chen ( or ext. 2310)

TAOYUAN: 10/5 (Wednesday), 12:30-13:40, CC702. Contact person: Lin, Wan-Ting ( or ext. 3818)

Adobe Connect is a synchronous online teaching platform. As long as Internet is accessible, faculty and students may have instant interaction on a cloud platform with no s pace limitation. It is available for use in many areas (teaching, research, counseling, and service) such as synchronous distance education, inter-campus lecture, online seminar, online meeting, online group discussion, after-school program, academia-industry cooperation, and live webcast.


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